Branding project feedback - Education Angel

I worked with Sue Hall, the owner of Education Angel on creating some branding for her lovely business which supports children, and parents of children with dyslexia at school and beyond.

It was a real pleasure working with Sue, she had great focus and her vision was really clear on what she wanted to create and how she wanted her business to be represented.

Please see below the project feedback that Sue has kindly given me. Thank you again, it was a total pleasure and I wish you the very best of luck!

✴ Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business; what get’s you out of bed in the morning?

I'm Sue, the Education Angel, and I'm dedicated to helping parents understand their child's dyslexia and how they can empower their child to succeed. By combining my coaching skills with my knowledge and experience as a Head of Learning Support & Specialist Teacher (Dyslexia), I've created a unique approach to helping parents and children navigate the 'unknown' when it comes to dyslexia so they can build their self esteem and thrive.  

✴ What was your reason for wanting to work Lucy at Ravenspoint Marketing - did you have a specific challenge that you needed help with?

I'd met Lucy through the WIRE network. I was looking to create a logo which I could use on social media and on my written and electronic communications. I'd seen some examples of Lucy's work and felt we could work really well together. 

✴ Did you look at other design/marketing companies who may have been able to deliver this work?

No not really - I had looked at Lucy's website and her previous projects. 

✴ Why did you decide to work with Lucy? What expertise did you hope she would bring?

I decided to work with Lucy because I liked the work that she had completed for previous clients. She has a great sense of humour and is very knowledgeable and approachable. I also liked the fact that we could work together in person or  'online' to share ideas. When sharing ideas for my logo design I wanted to be able to sit down with my designer and discuss options face to face. As well as technical knowledge, Lucy also brought her marketing and branding expertise into the mix. She understood exactly what I desired as a customer, and let me know how we could make that a reality. Lucy was also able to provide guidance on how to avoid possible pitfalls and so avoid mistakes in the future.

✴ What solutions has Lucy provided for you and your business? Are you happy with the results?

Lucy has provided me with a logo for Education Angel, which clearly matches my brief.  I'm really pleased with the resulting logo. 

✴ Overall, how have you found working with Lucy?

Working with Lucy has been great fun. I really enjoyed our initial meeting looking at the design process and creating mood boards. We then followed up with emails and phone calls. Lucy was very organised, having a clear timeline of stages to the project and  regularly updated me with her progress.  

She took time to understand my business, my niche and the message that I was looking to convey with my logo and ensured that the resulting logo was in harmony with these. 

Lucy was very patient, taking time to explain the technical details of the project.  

✴ Would you be happy to recommend Lucy for projects?

Happily recommend Lucy if someone is looking to have a logo created.

✴ Thank you very much for your comments, is there any other feedback you would like to give?

You are a total superstar!

A snippet of Sue's project:

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