Website & branding project feedback - Glenskinno Biofuels

Some wonderful project feedback from the Director of Glenskinno Biofuels, Ian Gall on his branding and website project.

✴ Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business; what get’s you out of bed in the morning?

My two Labrador’s are always a great excuse to get up and the desire to expand and our businesses closely follows!

✴ What was your reason for wanting to work Lucy at Ravenspoint Marketing - did you have a specific challenge that you needed help with?

I wanted to work with Lucy due to the very clean and sharp nature of her design.  Lucy captures the business needs and audience focus very well in her design.

✴ Did you look at other website/marketing companies who may have been able to deliver this work?

Yes, I felt Lucy's personal touch would ultimately produce a website specific to our needs.  I have no doubt one of the large website designers could have produced a very good website but I don't think they could capture the specifics quite like Lucy did due to her one on one approach. 

✴ Why did you decide to work with Lucy? What expertise did you hope she would bring?

Looking at Lucy's portfolio she clearly has a depth of understanding on how to tell different business needs and requirements via their website

✴ What solutions has Lucy provided for you and your business? Are you happy with the results?

We now have a very sharp and clean website that is very technically focused and fits the brief perfectly.

✴ Overall, how have you found working with Lucy?

Lucy is very easy to get on with and you very quickly get the feeling Lucy takes a personal intrest in your business and I think this is perfectly shown by the website Lucy produced.

✴ Would you be happy to recommend Lucy for website projects?

I think Lucy would be an ideal choice for any website project requirements regardless of scale or budgets.

✴ Thank you very much for your comments, is there any other feedback you would like to give?

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