Frequently asked questions

I receive emails from clients with a few common themes - so I have collated these questions below - if there is anything I have missed  get in touch!

  • I have a website, but I don't think it's doing the trick. It looks out of date and there are functions I would like to have, but I don't think they are available on my current platform. I would like to transfer my domain name onto a new website that really reflect my business and my customers needs. 

I can help! This is one of my most common scenarios that my clients approach me with. Get in touch so we can get working on getting your website just how you want it. 

  • Am I ready for this? 

My services will suit you if...

  • You are passionate about your business or idea.
  • You see the value in creating a great user experience for your customers, clients, and audience.
  • You are fully invested and are ready to see your project through for a great result!
  • Who will host my website? 

Squarespace will host your website. With their reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure, there's nothing to install, patch, or upgrade. Ever.

  • What about my domain name?

I can either redirect your domain name from your current website, or if you are yet to purchase your ideal domain for your business - Squarespace can help with that too SQUARESPACE DOMAINS.

  • What are the costs of the hosting?

The cost for hosting your website through Squarespace are listed here 

  • Can you come back on board and support me once the website is finished?

Once I have delivered your website, you will receive a 1-1  training session from me - so you will be good to go. But if you ever need me to come back on board for something specific I can put together proposal. But don't forget about the fantastic customer service that Squarespace provide as part of you package. FIND OUT MORE

  • I have an existing website, can you transfer all my content over to the new platform?

Yes, that is one of my most common requests. We can work together to explore your current content and revisit your user journey to make sure you are communicating your business effectively using a few simple marketing tools and strategies. 

  • I would like to have an Ecommerce shop, is this something you can help with?

It sure is! Have a look at my website building section for more information website building

  • How does payment to you work?

Once we have set a date for your project to start, and you have agreed to the proposal and T&C's, you will receive an invoice for your 50% deposit. Work will only commence when the deposit has been received in full. Once the project is complete you will receive an invoice for the remaining 50%, then I will had over the reins to you. The detail will all be included in your proposal.

I have a lot of start up businesses requesting different payment plans - as a small business myself I do need to stick to my invoice structure, but I help as much as I can. As all marketing materials are an investment, my advice is always to have enough saved up for the investment (if you are self funding) so it doesn't feel like such a bit hit.


Please get in touch with any other questions you may have - I'm here to help!

A few of the basics...

(More details on can be found on my T&C's):

Our costs will be agreed in advance so you'll know exactly what you're paying for so there will be no surprises. The prices are always straightforward and will never over-promise or suggest services that will not directly benefit your business. Pricing does not include Squarespace hosting or subscription fees (details found here). Projects will be scheduled with an agreed start date and require a full scoping meeting and the deposit invoice paid in full. Turnaround time for a completed package will depend on your timely feedback and delivery of any required content. Revisions outside of the package allotment will be billed separately, discussed in advance. All revisions will require a comprehensive cycle of feedback. Fixed-price projects will be invoiced in full. Deposit payments are non-refundable. Projects with correspondence that go beyond 30 days without an response will be moved to the back of the queue and rescheduled.