Thank you, it’s been a blast! The next chapter for Freelance Thursdays.

I moved to Hoole in Chester in 2016 from Bristol, not long after I had set up Ravenspoint Marketing and became fully self employed. As most self employed business people, I hunted out various networking groups to help make new contacts and hopefully move my business along. I enjoyed these groups to a point, I gained work opportunities, networked with other Chester businesses but I didn’t really feel I had found my tribe.

Freelance Thursday, Chester.jpg

I’m a social creature, but being busy and self-employed can make it tricky to find new friends in a new city. You don’t get the continuity of seeing the same faces every day as you would in an office to make those connections, and this is what I felt was lacking in my new adventure. Spending most of my time working at home with the occasional afternoon working in a coffee shop wasn’t hitting the mark, so I decided to do something about it!

I wanted to find a space to co-work in with other likeminded people for company, to make work connections and hopefully friends without being in a traditional networking environment. Living in the wonderful Hoole I thought it would be great to support a local business at the same time so I approached the Little Yellow Pig cafe to float the idea of Freelance Thursday with them to see if they were keen to host and hurrah, our group was born!

After a few months the group flourished, we began to outgrow the Little Yellow Pig and needed more space. I wanted to find another venue that we could support and work from so I chatted with Telfords Warehouse to see if they would be interested and the rest is history! Freelance Thursdays has grown into a lovely group with a wonderful core of regular attendees and a new face or two most weeks.

Coworking chester.png

My work life has changed somewhat over the past few months and I moved away from Chester, 40 minutes up the road into Shropshire, at the end of last year and welcomed my first baby in February. With all the excitement I am taking a bit of a break from my day job and focusing on family life for the next few months.

With this in mind I am also sadly waving goodbye to Freelance Thursday. The group needs someone that can regularly be there to watch over it, welcome new faces and keep driving it forward. I can’t offer that at the moment so I have decided to hand over the reigns to another fab Chester Freelancer.

Geraint (owner of Initial Editorial Photography) has been a regular member of the group for sometime now and I am delighted to be able to hand over Freelance Thursday to a very capable pair of hands that shares my values of protecting the co-working space and understands the value a group like this can bring to Freelancers.

It has been a total pleasure getting to know you all over the past couple of years and I wish you all the very best. A big thank you to Little Yellow Pig and Telfords Warehouse for your kindness and support allowing us to work from your wonderful venues. I will be back to say hello I’m sure, but for now please give Geraint a warm welcome and happy co-working! Please visit @FreelanceThurs to find out more and join in.

Very warm wishes, Lucy x