Morris Mountains: Marketing Health Check

Morris Mountains: Marketing Health Check

As with most small businesses, Rebecca, Owner of Morris Mountains does not have full time marketing support to help run her business. Rebecca and I met at the Cheshire WiRE networking group and asked if I could offer some advice and guidance with her marking efforts.  

I suggested that my Marketing Health Check workshop would most likely suit her needs as she had the starting point with her marketing materials and tools such as a website and social media accounts, but just needed some guidance on her key messages, customer profiling to create cohesion between all her marketing materials.

In the time we had together we made a great start in producing some new branded images to use across all her platforms, nailing her key messages, understanding who her clients are and how best to reach them, working on her existing website to make sure she is clearly directing visitors to the key points and some hints and tips on improving her organic SEO and utalising her social media platforms. Not bad for a mornings work!

I look forward to seeing how Rebecca continues to promote her fantastic business and hopefully I can join her for a retreat in the New Year in beautiful North Wales.

Visit Morris Mountain's website  here

Visit Morris Mountain's website here

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